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Visualizing 25 years of glacier dynamics in one second

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F. Paul has created animations from 25 years of satellite images of the Karakoram mountains revealing new insights in glacier flow and surge dynamics. Further details can be found in the press releases [ESA, EGU, NASA] and the [paper]

The animations are based on archived Landsat data that have a spatial resolution of 30 m and are freely available from [USGS] []. The images are false color composites showing glaciers and snow in green-blue, clouds in white, water in dark blue, vegetation in green and bare rock and debris on glaciers in brown to purple colours. For a better visibility of the changes, the central Karakoram mountain range has been subdivided into four distinct regions. Due to clouds and data availability, the number of scenes and years selected for the animations differ in the four regions.

All individual images used for the animation are available [here].
All animations can be downloaded in one zip file [here].
A PDF version of the publication can be downloaded [here].

Anoher media release (from the University of Zurich) is available [here].