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First studies on glaciological applications with Sentinel 2

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Two joint studies by Glaciers_cci have investigated geometric aspects and glacier mapping prospects of the new Sentinel 2 MSI sensor. They are published in a special issue of Remote Sensing on "First Experiences with European Sentinel-2 Multi-Spectral Imager (MSI)".

Kääb, A., S.H. Winsvold, B. Altena, C. Nuth, T. Nagler and J. Wuite (2016): Glacier Remote Sensing using Sentinel-2. Part I: Radiometric and geometric performance, application to ice velocity. Remote Sens. 2016, 8(7), 598; doi:10.3390/rs8070598, PDF.

Paul, F., S.H. Winsvold, A. Kaab, T. Nagler and G. Schwaizer (2016): Glacier Remote Sensing Using Sentinel-2. Part II: Mapping Glacier Extents and Surface Facies, and Comparison to Landsat 8. Remote Sens., 8(7), 575; doi:10.3390/rs8070575, PDF.