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This page will show a list of the upcoming events, meetings, and major milestones in the project’s development schedule.

  • Upcoming events
  • Internal Meetings
  • 19./20.05.2011 1st internal project meeting in Zurich

  • External Meetings
  • Milestones

The table below shows the next deliverables of the project according the management plan.

  Glaciers_cci Deliverables
Project month Month due Month available Document
3 Feb 2011 May 2011 D1.1 URD (User Requirements Document)
6 May 2011 Juny 2011 D1.2 PSD (Product Specification Document)
6 May 2011 July 2011 D1.3 DARD (Data Access Requirement Document)
7 June 2011 Sep. 2011 D2.1 PVD (Product Validation Plan)
7 June 2011 Sep. 2011 D2.2 DBT2 (Data Base Task 2)
7 June 2011 Oct. 2011 D2.3 ATBDv0 (Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document)